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Beachcoming for Seaglass in March


Some beaches always seem to have loads of sea glass, while others give it up grudgingly. That’s the way it has been for us for the last 3 years. Three years ago everyday brought a big bag of sea glass. Now our favorite beach has been so sporadic. Most days the beach is just a smooth sand landscape, but every once in a while it reverts back to the rocky pebble, shell and sea glass littered beach that has brought us our best glass.

Even though the pickings have been slim, we still throw back much more then we keep, we just keep jewelry grade sea glass and of course any oddities we find (read our sea glass stories!) .  We have found lettered glass, marbles, ink stoppers, carnival glass, and some fossilized sharks teeth, a very rare find here on Long Island. That brings me to our latest find, a big beautiful piece of dark purple sea glass.It’s the bottom of a square bottle, it’s such a striking color.It’s pretty old, smooth on all the edges, but only crizzled on one side.It must have been wedged somewhere where only one side got much wave and sand action.If this was most any other color, we would have thrown it back, but it’s a very rare color, so while it is not a jewelry piece, it is a keeper and gets put with our most rare and treasured pieces.

Purple Sea Glass

So even though the sea glass hunting hasn’t been great, we will still hit the beach as much as we can.And even if there isn’t much sea glass to be found, walking the beach, getting exercise and fresh air is still better than being at work, and stuck indoors!

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