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About Us

Living by the sea is a gift.  We are blessed every day to walk  and witness the change of seasons along the shore, as tide and currents shape and re-shape the beach landscape. Beachcombing is part of this experience that led us to collecting sea glass and admiring the forces of nature that transform a piece of glass into a beautiful gem stone.

Our beachcombing has expanded beyond our "backyard" from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterrenean Sea to collect the finest quality sea glass to craft into jewelry.  The pull of the tide, the strength of the current, the slope and type of shoreline, rocky or sandy, contribute to the formation of sea glass.

Sea glass is graded based on its physical appearance and rarity of color.  Jewelry quality sea glass is completely frosted through in appearance and has very smooth, well-rounded corners with no visible nicks or chips.

Color rarity is generally classified as follows:

Extremely Rare: Orange, Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Black, Teal, Gray

Rare: Pink, Aqua, Cornflower Blue, Cobalt Blue, Purple, Milk Glass, Citron

Uncommon: Light Green, Light Blue, Forrest Green, Lime Green, Golden Amber, Jade

Common: Kelly Green, Brown, White



We can create custom crafted sea glass jewelry based on your choice of color or shape and availability.  Or if you have a design in mind we can work with you to bring it to life.

Beachcombing for sea glass is a unique experience - it can be reflective, soulful or even thrilling.  For discovering a glistening piece poking out of the sand or tumbling through the surf and imagining the artistic possibilities is a simple pleasure.

Payments and Shipping

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